Patricia Fitzpatrick

Patricia Fitzpatrick - Counselling Psychologist

Patricia Fitzpatrick, a Counselling Psychologist, offers consultations to parents who are worried about their child’s emotional or behavioural difficulties. It has been her experience that for positive change to occur and be maintained, the parents/carers of the child must also change their way of responding to the challenges posed by the child’s distress.

Patricia’s approach is informed by:

  • 36 years’ experience working in the Irish Health Service
  • Extensive experience working with parents, carers, health care professionals and teachers to support the social, emotional and academic development of the child
  • Work has included all aspects of parenting from infant to young adult
  • Wealth of experience working with the parents of children with diagnosis such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Accredited facilitator of the Incredible Years Parenting Programmed and Early Bird Program (for the parents of children on the Autism spectrum)
  • Works with groups, couples and individuals. Patricia facilitates anxiety workshops for parents whose children are experiencing anxiety.
  • Patricia is also author of Effective Parenting: A Simple Guide for a Happy Home

Patricia can be contacted below or by calling 087 1778230

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