Tailored Work Groups

Group Work tailored in the following areas for children and adolescents:

Building Self-Esteem through creative arts.
Group work for children /adolescent presenting with anxiety.
Group Work to develop social skills.
Group Work to build resilience and coping skills.
Group work for children/adolescent who have experienced separation.
Group work for children who have experienced bereavement.
Group work to help children to make the transition from primary to secondary school.
The groups are small to ensure there is enough time and space for everyone and run over a minimum of a six -week period.

All groups have a creative arts approach and will incorporate music, art, drama, clay works to assist children and adolescence to build their social skills and confidence

It's good to talk

If you would like to discuss any issue you maybe experiencing, please get in touch and know that everything we discuss is 100% confidential.