Child Therapy

“My daughter attended Marian for play therapy over a 3 month period. This service has provided my daughter and my family with far more than I ever expected it could. There is no quick fix and there is many a hard days work needed to be put in on the home front but without a shadow of a doubt this service has made those days a little easier and somewhat more tolerable. It is with great sadness that my daughters time has ended with Marian, as our journey has taken a different direction and she needs other intervention.

I genuinely do not believe that my daughter or us as a family would have come so far in such a short space of time if it wasn’t for this service.”

Adolescent Therapy

I first met Marian for counselling when my marriage broke up and my son was diagnosed with depression.  We were extremely fortunate to have been allocated Marian as his counsellor and continued to attend her when she opened her own private practice.  Over the course of counselling my son blossomed from a depressed, sad, overweight child with no confidence into a teenager that has gained confidence, lost over two stone in weight and joined a stage school performing in public and also entered the Child line Cheerios’ ‘search for a star’ competition getting as far as the semi finals.

I have no doubt in my mind that this transformation was down to the work that he did with Marian.  She gave him the tools to dig deep into himself and talk about the darker side of his thoughts and his life and to find the energy to turn it all around to a point where he understands himself and has started to see his future as a bright one and also he has realised the power of communication which enables him to talk openly to me about any worries or concerns he may have so we can deal with them together before they get a chance to fester.

During this time Marian had regular reviews with me.  These were attended by both myself and my son.  It gave us the opportunity to discuss my sons progress without the privacy or confidentiality been breached and this is vital to anyone attending counselling, especially a minor who needs to be certain that they can be truly open with their counsellor without it being repeated back to their parents.

So without any hesitation, if you are in need or indeed know someone who requires counselling please do not think twice about contacting Marian.  Without her diligent work with my son over the last four years I dread to think where my son would be today.  So please pick up your phone and make that call. Forever a very grateful parent.